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Common Lexus Problems

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Common Lexus Problems

What To Expect When owning A Lexus

Protect your Lexus from common problems today to enjoy the long-lasting performance from your favorite vehicle. If you notice any of these signs or symptoms, stop by a premier auto shop in Smyrna, GA, for hassle-free inspection and reliable Lexus repair services.

Dashboard Damage

Direct sunlight can fade dashboards on any vehicle. However, some Lexus owners have reported materials melting on their dashboard due to direct sunlight and intense heat. If you’ve owned your Lexus for years or recently purchased a used Lexus, stop by a trusted auto shop to be sure this recall issue is repaired at no cost.

Oil and Water Leaks

As your Lexus ages, a common issue is a slight oil leak. This is caused by the timing chain cover and only occurs after a significant amount of miles. Over time, this issue can be costly as you continue to top up your oil reservoir. It can also cause significant damage to your Lexus if the oil leaks quickly and causes your engine to operate without enough oil.

Similarly, some Lexus models begin forming a water leak in the cabin as they age. A leaking cabin can be inconvenient and uncomfortable, so it’s important to have this issue addressed quickly.

Drivetrain Issues

Although not as common, drivetrain issues can be serious and costly for your Lexus. Some Lexus drivetrain issues are covered by warranty, so check with your local auto shop if work may be under warranty. If not, it’s still important to receive prompt repairs before your Lexus experiences a major breakdown. A minor drivetrain issue can be repaired, but a major issue may require significant rebuild or replacement services.

Restore Your Lexus in Smyrna, GA

At Motorcars International, you can receive quality Lexus repair services for these common problems and other maintenance issues. Schedule a service for our experienced, ASE-certified technicians to inspect your Lexus and offer comprehensive repairs. Our technicians can check your Lexus for any common problems, and we proudly offer a 24-month, 24,000-mile warranty on all our work. Don’t let a minor issue create long-term performance problems with your Lexus, but enjoy local, reliable maintenance to keep your vehicle running for years to come.

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