Computer Diagnostics

Computer Diagnostics

Motorcars International is a professional automotive service company – not some shade-tree mechanic working out of his garage. Modern automobiles rely on complex interwoven systems controlled by computers to achieve the performance, fuel economy, and safety we expect from today’s cars. Thirty years ago, most repair jobs could be done with little more than a set of inexpensive hand tools, but those days are gone.

Properly diagnosing check engine lights and repairing today’s vehicles requires specialized equipment such as diagnostic computers, chemical analyzers and processors, and laser calibrated alignment machines. Technicians must have access to the latest software updates for on-board computers as well as repair manuals, service bulletins, and recall data from the auto manufacturers.

We don’t rely on our decades of experience alone, we invest in the equipment needed to properly diagnose and repair your car.

Some of our high-tech equipment includes:


  • Robinair and Bosch air conditioning recovery/recycle/charging station

  • John Bean Visualigner accurate four wheel alignment machine

  • Hofmann precision wheel and tire balancer

  • Alldata manufacturer service information system

  • Mitchell1 comprehensive repair information

  • ISTA diagnostic program for BMW repairs

  • Encore diagnostic scanner

  • VAG-COM diagnostic program

  • AutoWise shop management and service history software