Meet Our Staff

The Motorcars International Team


Walter Wiesboeck

Owner, Parts Manager, Business Manager

Founded Munich West Inc. in 1976. Expanded to a second location in 1981, Munich West of Smyrna. Due to increased demand expanded service beyond BMW only to include other European and Asian makes. To more appropriately reflect the new makes the name was changed to Motorcars International, Inc. in 1992. Developed “Auto-Wise” a computer-based shop management system.

46 years experience in the Automotive industry.


Tony Mion

Service Manager, ASE Service Consultant
ASE Master Tech – Certified In 8 Categories.

44 years experience in automotive repair.

With Motorcars since 1992.


Maria Wiesboeck

Office, Customer Service

Maria came on board to help with all aspects of Motorcars International’s customer service experience and assists the team in the office. Maria specializes in online content writing for the shop’s website and she is known to provide valuable information in the area of auto maintenance. She provides tips and articles to potential and existing customers.

With Motorcars since 2012


Ming Chiem

Automotive Technician

ASE technician certified in Engine repair, Suspension & Steering, Brakes, Electronics, Heating and Air conditioning.

26 years experience in automotive repair & service

With Motorcars since 1993.


Andrew Wilson

ASE Certified Master Automotive Technician

12 years professional automotive experience

With Motorcars since Nov. 2015


Scott Roberts

Automotive Technician

12 years professional automotive experience

With Motorcars since 2018


Boo Wiesboeck

In Memoriam

With Motorcars from 2000-2012

Boo retired in the fall of 2012 after years of dedicated and enthusiastic service and helper to Motorcars’ employees and customers. In her retirement she spent her time at home, supervising her mom’s daily domestic activities and sunbathing. She provided on-going training for Toby and Luna, instructing advanced food-begging techniques and the art of the well-timed woof. Boo was an excellent companion and a lady through her years with family and co-workers. On February 5th, 2015, Boo passed gracefully from this life surrounded by her family members.


Toby Wiesboeck-Valles

In Memoriam

With Motorcars since 2012

Toby joined the Motorcars team as a pup back in 2012. He loved coming to work; he could usually be found greeting customers, laying under Walter’s desk, snoring in the office with Maria, or joining anyone and everyone for a snack in the break room.

When he became a big brother to a human puppy in 2014, he instantly embraced that role, scaling back on his hours at work, but still coming in a couple times per week to make sure all was in order and that snacks remained fully stocked.

Toby lost a brief, but intense battle with cancer on November

30th, 2017. He is greatly missed by his family and favorite customers.


Luna Wiesboeck-Valles

Greeter, Food Taster & Morale Booster

With Motorcars since 2013