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STOP to Learn about Brake Components – Motorcars International

Even when you’re busy and on the GO, it’s beneficial to STOP to learn enough about brake components to understand how your braking system works and when you probably need to schedule service and repairs. It’s easy to take your brakes for granted–assuming you can stop–until there’s an emergency. In those seconds of crisis, will your brakes pass the test? If you’re not sure, bring your vehicle to Motorcars International in Smyrna, Georgia, to have our certified technicians check your brakes.

Braking System Overview

While you don’t need to work on your brakes yourself (You have us for that!), it is helpful to know the major components and understand how your vehicle stops. This will enable you to recognize warning signs that should prompt a service visit and help you as you talk with your technician about repairs. Slowing and stopping your auto is about more than simply pressing the brake pedal. When you apply pressure to the pedal, a piston moves, forcing brake fluid from its reservoir, the master cylinder, through the brake hoses to the cylinder near each wheel. As the fluid force multiplies, metal components stop the car using friction. Most modern cars have disc brakes on at least the front wheels, meaning that the fluid force presses the brake caliper. The caliper then moves the brake pad against the disc. The contact between these metal parts causes the friction that allows the vehicle to stop. Drum brakes can be found on older cars as well as the rear wheels on many newer autos. Also operating using friction, these brakes work because the force of the brake fluid pushes metal brake shoes against the inner surface of the drum (which turns inside the wheel), causing the car to slow down and stop.

Brake Service and Repair

Although you clearly need friction to stop your car, all that rubbing of metal against metal can eventually lead to wear. If you notice an increase in your stopping distance; hear new unusual noises such as squealing, scraping, or grinding; or feel odd sensations such as wobbling when braking, have us inspect your brakes. Rush hour in Atlanta traffic is not the time to discover that you lack stopping ability. Therefore, bring your vehicle to Motorcars International in Smyrna, Georgia, for preventive maintenance services and timely brake repairs.

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