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Road Trips & Vacations – Commit to a Pre-Trip Check

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Road Trips & Vacations – Commit to a Pre-Trip Check

We All Love Family Road Trips When We Know Everyone Is Safe!

Ahhhh, beach trips or weekends in the mountains. Or heck, anywhere out of town! During those times
of the year that everyone is hitting the road and going somewhere- the last thing you want is to be away
from home and run into expensive car trouble.


There are lots of great things you can do at home to prepare, including checking/topping off your fluid levels and tire pressures, and verifying that all external lights are functioning. Packing jumper cables/jump box, a jug of water, extra coolant, and oil are all important, too. Having an idea of where some reliable shops are along your route is also smart (we recommend searching for authorized Bosch Car Service centers). If you don’t have the time, knowledge, or inclination to do some of these checks at home, a Pre-Trip Inspection is a great way to buy yourself peace of mind for the journey ahead. Road trips don’t have to be stressful when you know that your car is safe.

Our Inspection Consists Of:

  • Inspecting hoses and clamps

  • Checking/topping coolant level

  • Pressure testing the cooling system

  • Checking accessory drive belts

  • Checking/topping: engine oil, brake fluid, power steering fluid, washer solvent, battery water, transmission fluid, differential oil

  • Checking brakes

  • Checking tires

  • Adjusting tire pressures

  • Testing A/C operation

  • Checking windshield wipers

  • Checking washer operation

  • Checking exterior lights

  • Checking horn operation

  • Test driving


It’s important to feel safe as you set off on your drive. Take care of these little things beforehand and feel confident that you can get where you’re going comfortably. Now if only we could help prepare you for the cries of, “are we there yet?!” Before you go on any road trips contact us for your appointment and stay safe on the road.

Written by Motorcars International