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Bosch Service EQUALS Quality and Confidence

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Bosch Service EQUALS Quality and Confidence



Motorcars International, Inc. has been a permanent fixture for Import Auto Repair and Service in Smyrna since 1981. Motorcars Intl. is an authorized Bosch Service Center and a member of the Bosch Car Service (BCS) network. The BCS is part of over 1500 member locations in North America. This network is very important to Bosch, both in representing the Bosch brand and as a key customer for Bosch parts and equipment.

Bosch Service Means Peace Of Mind!

Bosch Service offers several programs to help the Bosch Car Service centers maximize quality. One is extensive and ongoing technician training. A second program for the Bosch service centers focuses on the customer experience. Every year, the Bosch Car Service network receives a New Service Excellence training class.

The third Bosch Service program is to evaluate performance. Bosch hires an outside company, SGS, to perform two separate audits* on BCS service center members. The first, the Service Quality Test (SQT), is a “mystery shopper” program, in which an SGS employee calls a shop, makes an appointment, and has his/her vehicle repaired as a typical customer. Each Bosch Service center is then scored on the entire customer experience, from the appointment phone call through to the technical skill in finding and repairing servicing issues.

The second audit, the Service Quality Audit (SQA), is a scheduled appointment with service center management. In the SQA, a detailed analysis of the facility and customer management process is undertaken. At the end of both audits, the SGS representative reviews the results with the shop owner. Bosch district service managers also follow up to discuss any issues that may have been uncovered.

These audit programs are very important tools, both for Bosch and for the shop owners. They are used throughout the international Bosch Car Service Network and are just one of the many membership benefits available to BCS network members. The dedication put into continued membership in the BCS network translates into reliability and value for the customer. Bosch Service Centers offer 6-month stress-free financing to qualified customers that spend more than $299 on service or repair.

Written by Motorcars International