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Beat the Georgia Heat!

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Beat the Georgia Heat!

​​A Crash Course in Auto AC Systems

During the summer season, temperatures in Georgia can go through the roof. In order to beat the heat, it’s crucial that your car’s air conditioner is in top-notch condition. If your car’s A/C system isn’t efficiently working, the cabin can quickly turn into a sauna.

To identify the signs of a potential problem, it’s important to understand how your car’s AC system works. That’s why the experienced auto AC repair technicians at Motorcars International, Inc. in Smyrna, Georgia, are here to give you a quick crash course in car air conditioning systems.

Auto AC Components

Your car’s air conditioning system is made up of three major parts, including the drier, condenser, and compressor.

The drier, or auto AC air filter, efficiently absorbs moisture in the AC system to prevent any leaks from happening. If your air conditioning is leaking, you may notice that your carpet or headliner is wet.

There are two different kinds of AC driers, including synthetic and paper. Synthetic driers cost more than paper ones but don’t have to be replaced as often.

Your vehicle’s condenser is attached to the radiator and cools the refrigerant before it moves through the drier. This component also has a water pump that circulates water from your radiator through numerous channels that transfer heat from outside of your vehicle.

Lastly, the compressor is the core of your car’s AC system. This component is attached to the alternator, which produces electricity and sends it to your compressor. There is a large fan inside of the compressor, which moves air in and out of the drier. The AC compressor also controls airflow and pressure.

Other important components of your car’s AC system include the evaporator and thermal expansion valves. These parts are responsible for controlling the flow and pressure of the refrigerant and pushing the cold air out of your AC vents.

Expert Auto AC Repair in Georgia

If one of these components in your AC system isn’t working, it can become tough to beat the heat. To stay cool, call the certified mechanics at Motorcars International, Inc. in Smyrna, Georgia, to book your auto repair appointment. Call us today at (770) 432-2336.

Written by Motorcars International