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5 Fun Honda Facts

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5 Fun Honda Facts

Things You Should Know About Honda

Honda is an auto manufacturer with a long and interesting history. It has definitely earned its stripes as one of the most successful foreign automobile brands in the United States, thanks to the hard work of its teams of engineers, designers, manufacturers, and salespeople all over the world. Here are five of the more fascinating details from Honda’s story that might surprise you.

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Honda Began Making Motorized Bicycles

In 1946, the Honda Technical Research Institute was founded when Honda hired 12 men to build engines that could be attached to bikes. When the supply of engines ran out, Honda Technical Research Institute changed its name to Honda Motor Company and opened a small shop with six employees in Los Angeles in 1959. Honda Motor Company would go on to become the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer by 1964.

The First Foreign Vehicle Made in the US was the Honda Accord

Since its creation in 1976, the Honda Accord has been extremely popular. Honda began production of the Accord in 1982 at a Marysville, Ohio factory after selling millions of them in the United States alone.

Honda was the First Japanese Luxury Brand

Honda was the first Japanese auto manufacturer to launch a dedicated luxury brand called Acura in 1986. During its first few years, it became one of the most popular luxury car brands in the United States. Acura’s success prompted Toyota and Nissan to launch their own luxury brands, as well as Lexus and Infiniti, respectively, as a result of Acura’s success.

Honda was the First Auto Manufacturer to Make Hydrogen and Hybrid Cars

Because of the Prius’s popularity, many people believe Toyota was the first hybrid to be sold in the United States. However, that is incorrect. One year before the Prius was released, Honda was selling a hybrid. Additionally, Honda was also the first manufacturer in the United States to offer hydrogen-powered vehicles, with the FCX Clarity in 2008.

Honda was the First to Use Variable Valve Timing

Variable valve timing is now used by most manufacturers on some or all of their engines, but Honda was the first to use it in a production vehicle. To improve the efficiency and power of their engines, Honda developed Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control (VTEC), a critical piece of technology that gave birth to some of the most recognizable engines in history.

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