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Why Cars Need Auto Repair

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Why Cars Need Auto Repair

What Happens to Your Car Over Time

Have you ever wondered why your car needs auto repairs? Why do certain parts fail, and why do you have to invest in your vehicle continually? After all, a car is a significant initial investment, so do you have to keep spending more on it?

At Motorcars International in Smyrna, Georgia, we understand the budget-minded customer. We would be surprised if drivers never questioned their cars’ maintenance needs. Asking questions is an excellent way to make sure your vehicle receives the care it needs, without the unnecessary overselling. Some drivers are familiar with the unfair business practices of low-quality auto repair shops and keep their guard up against technicians who might recommend service for the extra buck. We guarantee the integrity and honesty of our team members and want to give our customers context for their vehicle’s ongoing repairs and maintenance.

Wear & Tear Is Normal

From the moment your vehicle leaves the dealership’s lot, it’s susceptible to wear and tear. Have you ever had a favorite shirt that you wanted to last forever, but after wearing and washing it so much, it lost its color and comfortable fit? Wear and tear are inevitable in cars as it is with clothes. As you drive, components inside the vehicle get dirty from outside contaminants. Dirt and grime may dampen their performance or eventually cause them to fail. Spark plugs and oxygen sensors are examples of small parts that inevitably need replacement in most vehicles. Some parts wear out from constant use, like the brake pads. Every time you press the brake pedal, the pads undergo friction and wear ever thinner. Eventually, your car nees brake repair to restore optimal brake performance.

How Auto Repairs Help

So what would happen if you skipped over the repair or replacement of minor components like the oxygen sensors or brake pads? Would it really be that bad to continue driving?


While minor issues may not require immediate intervention, you should always handle auto repairs promptly to protect your vehicle’s overall health. If you ignore failed oxygen sensors, for example, your car may be burning up more fuel than necessary and you wouldn’t even know it. You’ll experience drops in fuel efficiency that your vehicle would otherwise correct for itself. In the case of brake pads, ignoring replacement will lead to far more significant problems. The braking system will sustain severe damage that will either end in brake failure or extremely costly repairs. It’s always best to handle your vehicle’s repair needs as soon as possible to avoid complications and increased costs.

We Can Help!

Need help budgeting for auto repairs? Contact Motorcars International in Smyrna, Georgia for assistance! We make maintenance easy and affordable!

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