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Toying with Toyota Trivia – Motorcars International

Toyota has a long history of producing a great line of reliable cars. But did you know that the company and its cars also generate interesting conversation? It’s also true that your vehicle will be able to hold your positive interest longer if it is well maintained and in good repair. Therefore, bring your Toyota to Motorcars International in Smyrna, Georgia, for all of your preventive services and fixes.

Trivia, but not Trivial

While Toyota fun facts make great trivia questions and answers, the auto line is in no way itself trivial. In fact, Toyota is reported to have the longest lifespan of any vehicle. Statistics show that 80% of Toyotas are still on the road as daily drivers 20 years after they were purchased new. And did you know that the company is deeply rooted in family tradition and honor? Every company CEO has been a descendent of founder Sakichi Toyoda. (Yes, the original company–a manufacturer of automated looms–bore the name of its founding father. When Toyoda sold his loom production capacity to raise the money to start an automobile company in 1937, Toyota, a name indicating good luck, won a name-the-new-company contest.) And produce cars, they have! By 2016, Toyota had sold more than 40 million vehicles across the globe, with a new car rolling out every 5 seconds. About 75% of all hybrid vehicles sold in the United States are Toyotas, and the Prius is sold in more than 70 countries around the world. The company has been so successful that the city of Korona, Japan, changed its name to Toyota in 1957 to honor the nation’s most thriving business. Why are they so good? Perhaps one reason is that this company spends an average of $1 million per hour on research and development, improving safety, reliability, and innovation. But the impact doesn’t stop in Japan. Since introducing the auto line in the United States in 1957, Toyota has located manufacturing facilities here, adding about 400,000 jobs to the economy when one factors in production facilities, dealerships, repair shops, and accessory stores. Finally, what’s in a name? Apparently more than just “Toyota,” as this company owns (or owns a portion of) Lexus, Scion, and Subaru.

Reliable, Reputable Toyota Repair

Obviously, Toyota is a big brand, one that stands up to the miles and years. Behind every great vehicle, however, is a reliable and reputable shop that you can trust for your needed services and repairs. Without that, even the greatest cars can’t run indefinitely. To ensure the best possible care for your Toyota and outstanding customer service for yourself, bring your car to Motorcars International in Smyrna, Georgia, where all work is backed with a generous warranty.

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