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Prolong the Life of Your Lexus

Five Signs of Lexus Drivetrain Failure

Lexus vehicles are known for their superior power and performance. However, these luxury cars are not without their fair share of problems. One common problem that many Lexus owners have reported is issues with their drivetrain.

But how do you know if your Lexus’s drivetrain is failing? The certified Lexus repair mechanics at Motorcars International, Inc. in Smyrna, Georgia, are here to tell you more.

What is a Drivetrain?

Before you can identify the symptoms of a failing drivetrain, you need to understand what it is. Your Lexus’s drivetrain isn’t one single part of your car. It’s actually a group of different parts that interact with your engine to move the tires and other components of your vehicle, such as the axles, transmission, and CV joints.

If a part of your drivetrain starts to wear out, it can impact the drivability of your entire car.

Warning Signs of a Failing Lexus Drivetrain

Five warning signs that could indicate your car’s drivetrain is failing include:

Strange sounds

If you hear grinding or clunking noises coming from your car when you shift gears, it could signify a problem with either your transmission or drivetrain.

Leaking transmission fluid

As we stated before, your transmission is closely connected to the drivetrain. If you notice reddish-brown puddles accumulating under your Lexus, it might have a transmission fluid leak. This could also indicate problems with your drivetrain.


Has your Lexus turned into a vibration station? If your car is intensely shaking, it could be because of a failing drivetrain.

Delayed acceleration

The drivetrain transfers the power from the engine to the wheels, moving your Lexus. If the drivetrain isn’t in tip-top shape, you may experience delayed or slow acceleration.

Drivetrain warning indicator

If you notice an illuminated drivetrain warning light on your dashboard, it’s time to get your Lexus checked out.

Smyrna’s Trusted Lexus Repair Specialists

If you think your Lexus’s drivetrain is failing, call the seasoned mechanics at Motorcars International, Inc. in Smyrna, Georgia, today. We’ll inspect your Lexus and make the necessary repairs to ensure it’s running at its best.

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