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How to Get Improved Fuel Efficiency in the Summer

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How to Get Improved Fuel Efficiency in the Summer

5 Tips for Improving Fuel Efficiency

You might be prepared for the summer, but it’s critical to make sure that your car is, too. The summer season is right around the corner, and before you hit the road, you should prepare your vehicle so that you spend more time on the highway and less time at the gas station. These fuel-efficient tips will not only help save you money, but they will also help you keep your car running longer and save you money from expensive auto repair bills.

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Change the Oil and Oil Filter

Cars don’t perform as well when oil isn’t fresh, which has a significant impact on engine durability as well as fuel economy and future auto repairs. Your owner’s manual will tell you how long your car’s engine oil lasts. Use the oil recommended by your auto manufacturer, and be sure to replace the oil filter at the same time, as well as the air filter.

Check the Tire Pressure

In hot weather, tire pressure can actually rise, which can not only have a negative impact on fuel economy but can also accelerate tire wear. Make sure the tire pressure is exactly the same as the manufacturer’s recommended PSI. Additionally, be sure to also use the pointy side of the tire gauge to release excess air if your tires become overinflated.

Use Cruise Control

Regardless of the temperature, the most efficient car is one that travels steadily. Drive no faster than the posted speed limit on your summer road trip, and use cruise control frequently to maintain a constant speed.

Clean and Replace Spark Plugs

Spark plugs use gasoline to generate a small spark that causes the cylinders to move. For every 1,000 miles driven, a spark plug can fire millions of times, and a dirty, ill-gapped, or corroded spark plug can misfire, wasting fuel. Replacing old spark plugs is an excellent way to improve engine performance while also saving money on gas and auto repair bills.

Keep Tires Inflated

Last but certainly not least, your car’s engine has to work harder to get the soft rubber to roll over when the tires are low on air. To keep up with the load, a harder working engine needs to burn more gas. Tires are designed to be inflated to a specific PSI, so you should have your tires properly inflated at your local repair shop.

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