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Five Features of a Great Import Repair Shop

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Five Features of a Great Import Repair Shop

Good drivers know that the best way to protect their investment is with the help of certified technicians at a professional auto repair shop. For import cars, it is especially important to find the right team to make any maintenance and repairs a breeze. Keep these top five features of a great business in mind when looking for your import repair shop in Smyrna, GA:

  1. Warrantied Service
  2. A trustworthy auto repair shop stands behind their work with warranties for parts and repairs. Look for competitive offers, with a minimum 24-month/24,000-mile guarantee. Import car parts can be difficult to source, but at a professional specialty shop not only are they more readily available, they are also under warranty!

  3. Free Rental Cars
  4. Let’s be honest, car troubles can be a real headache. Serious and unexpected breakdowns can throw off your day. A great auto shop takes care of their customers with free rental cars so that your valuable time isn’t wasted waiting around. Car repairs are a breeze when you can get back to what you need to do!

  5. Certified Technicians
  6. Your import vehicle is an important investment. That’s why you should expect nothing less than the best care when it is time for routine maintenance. ASE Certified technicians are consistently trained using the most advanced equipment to work on all makes and models. At a great import repair shop, mechanics will have the knowledge and experience to work on nearly all foreign brands including Acura, Audi, BMW, Honda, Lexus, Mini, Saab, Toyota and Volkswagen.

  7. Customer Service
  8. It really goes without saying that you should expect a professional and friendly experience at your import repair shop. From knowledgeable staff to a pristine shop environment, all great businesses should be prepared to help whatever issues their customers may bring through the door and send them off with smiling faces!

  9. Computer Recorded History
  10. Today, all auto shops should be using computerized systems to track maintenance history on all their customer’s vehicles. This helps them keep track of important information so technicians are ready to go with what they need when it’s time for your car’s next service.

Written by Motorcars International