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Motorcars International has a long history of servicing BMWs. They are our first passion and personal favorite cars to drive! When we started out, BMW was just gaining a foothold in the US market and options for knowledgeable repair were slim. Our original shop, Munich West, was one of the first places in Atlanta to specialize in BMW repair and maintenance. Over the past 4 decades, BMWs have become increasingly popular and prominent in the automotive marketplace. Motorcars has continued to be at the forefront of independent service. One of the best ways for us to keep our knowledge and expertise up to date is through technical organizations like Bosch, ASA, ASE, and BIMRS.

In 2014, Motorcars became a member of BIMRS, a non-profit association of Independent BMW Service Professionals dedicated to education and training. This group is specifically geared towards BMW and MINI repair and service outside of a dealer setting. Members have access to shared resources and years of collective experience. An especially important feature is the association’s code of ethics. Honesty and integrity have always been extremely important to us as a business. Participating in a group that holds its members to the same standards is a perfect fit for us. We are committed to providing the best service for the BMWs and MINIs that come through our shop. BIMRS is committed to helping us maintain that standard!

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Written by Motorcars International