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Bad driving habits can lead to additional expenses

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Bad driving habits can lead to additional expenses

Avoid Bad Driving Habits That Can Lead To Costly Repairs Or Worse…

Some of us are “aggressive” drivers with bad driving habits which can cost us unnecessary money. The way we drive can be the result of many factors: personality, the way we learned, where we live, etc. Depending on how you drive, you could be contributing to more wear and tear on your vehicle, necessitating more frequent repair and maintenance. We’re not just talking about clumsy driving here (bumping into things, hopping curbs), but actual driving style. If you can make some thoughtful adjustments to your bad driving habits, you can help extend the life of your vehicle and its parts, as well as save your life.


Firstly, consider being more efficient in your trips/outings. Short trips ultimately add up to long term sludging in your engine. This can have many negative implications on the smooth function of multiple parts/systems. Instead of running out to the grocery store in the morning, the pharmacy in the afternoon, and the hardware store in the evening attempt to combine as many errands as is feasible.

Take it easy on the brakes. Hard stops put more pressure on your brake pads and rotors. Keeping your foot down on the brake also causes overheated rotors which can result in warping. Instead of slamming on the brakes and then continuing to “stand” on the pedal, try to approach stops more gently. Once you are stopped, lightly remove your foot from the brake pedal, allowing for a tiny bit of a roll. This will bring your brake pad to rest on a different part of the rotor.

Related to being more gentle on your brakes is taking it easy on acceleration. There is no need to zoom off at a green light, only to have to screech to a halt at the red light 200 yards away. For one thing, that aggressive acceleration is burning up more gas; two, it is setting you up for a harder stop. If you have a manual transmission (stick shift), keep in mind that the clutch is meant to be depressed and released- do not keep your foot on it at stops, it can cause premature clutch wear (and expensive replacement!).

Avoid flying over speed bumps (they’re there for a reason). Cracked oil pans are costly to replace, not to mention the damage you could do to your engine by leaking oil and not knowing about it! Speed bumps are also very hard on the front suspension bushings. Running over potholes is another road hazard to avoid. Not only can you cause damage to your tires and wheels, but alignment and balance can be affected. It may be by small increments each time, but each adds up to faster tire wear, poor handling, and even decreased gas mileage.

Don’t ignore warning lights on your dashboard, as this can also contribute to unnecessary repairs and is part of what we consider bad driving habits. Follow your factory recommended maintenance schedule, or ask us to send you a reminder for your scheduled service.

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Written by Motorcars International