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ASA AutoInc. Top10 Website

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ASA AutoInc. Top10 Website

To stay on top of the latest in the automotive repair industry, we at Motorcars have always sought out industry-leading organizations to associate with. One of those is the Automotive Service Association, or ASA. The ASA “advances professionalism and excellence in the automotive repair industry through education, representation, and member services. ASA shop members are held to a higher standard of customer service and repair.”

Motorcars has long been a member shop striving to maintain the standards set forth by ASA. Among the many resources they provide, AutoInc. is a member publication that we receive monthly. This print magazine includes highlights of various outstanding shops around the country and informative articles about shop management, technical issues/training, and legislative news affecting the automotive world.

Each year, AutoInc. reviews hundreds of auto repair shop websites and selects their top ten. This year we are extremely honored to be included in their Top10 Websites for 2015! This is a very exciting distinction for us here at Motorcars, as we have used this list in years past to help us develop our site. Many ideas and inspirations have come from reviewing sites found in AutoInc.’s Top10. We continue to adjust and change to better fit our customers’ needs and provide accurate information about our shop in an easy to read and search format. Many thanks to the shops who have been honored in the past for providing such inspiring resources!


Written by Motorcars International