BMW Brake Repair



The braking system on your modern BMW, while often taken for granted, is comprised of a number of precision mechanical parts. These are in turn controlled by a complex interaction among various control modules and computers in the car. Brakes no longer simply stop the wheels from turning; they are integrated with anti-lock, stability control, and traction control functions. Many parking brake systems are now electronically activated. Take your BMW to a shop that specifically focuses on BMW’s and other imported cars. BMW brake repair requires specialized equipment and proper training to effectively diagnose and fix the problem. Motorcars International has both. We can provide routine brake maintenance as well as comprehensive repair.

Trust your BMW brake repair to our capable technicians. We offer a 24 month/24,000 mile warranty on parts and labor. Call us at 770-691-5694 to make an appointment. Feel confident in knowing that you will be getting the best value in town. We look forward to serving you soon!

Quick Tips:

Some manufacturer’s brake pads will develop a squeal or other high pitched noise if the car is mainly driven in stop and go traffic and brakes are lightly/not aggressively used. You can stop the squeal by making several hard stops from higher speeds. Do this in a safe way with no traffic on the road!

If you need to make a hard stop from an accelerated speed, don’t let your foot remain heavy on the brake after the stop. Coming to such a stop and keeping high pressure on the brake pedal causes the now hot brake pads and rotors to concentrate the heat in one area of the rotor. Allowing the car to roll slightly forward will keep your brake pads and rotors from heating up and warping one specific place on the rotors.


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