Bad driving habits can lead to additional expenses

Avoid Bad Driving Habits That Can Lead To Costly Repairs Or Worse… Some of us are “aggressive” drivers with bad driving habits which can cost us unnecessary money. The way we drive can be the result of many factors: personality, the way we learned, where we live, etc. Depending on how you drive, you could

Bosch Service EQUALS Quality and Confidence

WHY CHOOSE US AS YOUR BOSCH SERVICE CENTER? Motorcars International, Inc. has been a permanent fixture for Import Auto Repair and Service in Smyrna since 1981. Motorcars Intl. is an authorized Bosch Service Center and a member of the Bosch Car Service (BCS) network. The BCS is part of over 1500 member locations in North

Summer Day Trips & Weekend Getaways Near Smyrna, Georgia

Its summer time and sometimes you just want to get out of town and have a little fun. Smyrna is close to some great day trips that could also be weekend getaways. I have some favorites that I will let you know about. Personally, I like to keep things simple and fairly low cost. However,