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Get Your Import Summer-Ready

Three Summer Care Tips for Your Import Vehicle Georgia summers are infamous for their heat and humidity. This can really take a toll on your import vehicle. Whether you drive a Mercedes or a MINI, it’s essential to take proper care of your imported car all summer long. To help you out, the import auto […]

Is Your Check Engine Light On?

Three Main Culprits for an Illuminated Check Engine Light When that little light that looks like a genie bottle pops up on your dashboard, you can experience a sinking feeling in your stomach. Most drivers dread seeing an illuminated check engine light (CEL) on their dash. But why is yours on, and how can you […]

Is Your VW’s Wiring Harness Failing?

Is Your VW’s Wiring Harness Failing? What You Need to Know Volkswagen vehicles are known for their supreme reliability. However, these German cars can still experience problems, including a failing wiring harness. If you drive a VW, it’s important that you know what a wiring harness is, how it works, and what to do if […]

Beat the Georgia Heat!

​​A Crash Course in Auto AC Systems During the summer season, temperatures in Georgia can go through the roof. In order to beat the heat, it’s crucial that your car’s air conditioner is in top-notch condition. If your car’s A/C system isn’t efficiently working, the cabin can quickly turn into a sauna. To identify the […]

Prolong the Life of Your Lexus

Five Signs of Lexus Drivetrain Failure Lexus vehicles are known for their superior power and performance. However, these luxury cars are not without their fair share of problems. One common problem that many Lexus owners have reported is issues with their drivetrain. But how do you know if your Lexus’s drivetrain is failing? The certified […]

Stay Secure Behind the Wheel: Unparalleled Brake Repair Services

How Do My Brakes Work? While most drivers know that an efficient brake system is imperative for their safety, they might not understand how their brakes actually work. In order to recognize the symptoms that your vehicle needs brake service, it’s essential to know how your brakes operate. Luckily, the brake repair experts at Motorcars […]

How to Get Improved Fuel Efficiency in the Summer

5 Tips for Improving Fuel Efficiency You might be prepared for the summer, but it’s critical to make sure that your car is, too. The summer season is right around the corner, and before you hit the road, you should prepare your vehicle so that you spend more time on the highway and less time […]

How Was Volkswagen Created?

A Volkswagen History Lesson Volkswagen is Europe’s largest car manufacturer, and the name is unquestionably one of the more recognizable names in the auto industry. However, few people know how the company got its start, which is something we will take a look at here. Continue reading below to learn more about how Volkswagen was […]

Why It’s Important to Remove Mold in Your Car’s AC System

Is There Mold in Your Car’s AC System? Auto AC repair is often overlooked when it comes to auto maintenance, but by keeping your AC system clean, you can protect yourself and your passengers from the dangers of poor air quality. For your health and peace of mind, it’s critical to keep your AC system […]

5 Fun Honda Facts

Things You Should Know About Honda Honda is an auto manufacturer with a long and interesting history. It has definitely earned its stripes as one of the most successful foreign automobile brands in the United States, thanks to the hard work of its teams of engineers, designers, manufacturers, and salespeople all over the world. Here […]

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