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To stay on top of the latest in the automotive repair industry, we at Motorcars have always sought out industry-leading organizations to associate with. One of those is the Automotive Service Association, or ASA. The ASA “advances professionalism and excellence in the automotive repair industry through education, representation, and member services. ASA shop members are

Timing Belt and Water Pump

Timing Belt And Water Pump Replacement A big-ticket, routine service that most drivers experience (and have to budget for) are timing belts and water pump replacement. Here is a basic overview of what these parts are and why/when Timing Beltthey are replaced in the lifetime of a vehicle. The timing belt is in fact a

Road Trips & Vacations – Commit to a Pre-Trip Check

We All Love Family Road Trips When We Know Everyone Is Safe! Ahhhh, beach trips or weekends in the mountains. Or heck, anywhere out of town! During those times of the year that everyone is hitting the road and going somewhere- the last thing you want is to be away from home and run into

Oil change intervals: How long is too long?

Oil Change Intervals At Motorcars International we take pride in providing accurate information. When it comes to your vehicle, we understand the importance of proper service and preventive care to keep your car in tip-top shape. Oil Change Intervals should always depend on mileage, not your car’s dashboard computer. Many newer cars incorporate some sort

Bad driving habits can lead to additional expenses

Avoid Bad Driving Habits That Can Lead To Costly Repairs Or Worse… Some of us are “aggressive” drivers with bad driving habits which can cost us unnecessary money. The way we drive can be the result of many factors: personality, the way we learned, where we live, etc. Depending on how you drive, you could